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Originally Posted by FatOldManWithAC2 View Post
Finally got my C2 (until then I was FatOldManWithAFuze+) and found the UI to be extremely unintuitive. The worst part was the browser windows followed closely by the Now Playing Screen. I liked the browser in the review by the Hulk Smash guy (BruceBanner) so I downloaded it with a different menu and NPS (not the vertical ones he has). It makes the C2 pretty much the easiest UI I have ever used. Now that I wrote a novella here I can get to my question. Since I was so excited to try out my C2, I loaded it and put on the custom UI before updating the firmware from the stock (1.12). Question is if I update will I have to reload the UI and my mp3s or is it really necessary to update the firmware if it works as is?
Hey fatty,

By the way i'm not in anyway affiliated with that Hulk Smash Guy, we're different members i think, i have always just been BruceBanner.
I can't really help u in regards to firmware, I think mine came with latest, or I did latest and then went the route of custom.
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