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Originally Posted by Zyro View Post
I've had the SA1 replacement cables as well, and they lasted from September until now. That's roughly three months, and the death wasn't exactly sudden. My left phone started fading about a month ago and a few days ago it was completely dead. I switched the cables back and forth and both the phones work when powered by the "left" side of the cable. That's a bit disappointing really, after all I did pay 25 quid or so.
Sounds like there may be a repair attempt on the Panasonic OE cable in my future. Not sure how practical that would be though, seeing as the repair would be over the ear where I need flexibility and lack of bulk. Hoping someone here may have good suggestion on this.

Why oh why did Panasonic market such a nice IEM with a replaceable cable and then fail to offer the replacement cables?
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