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Originally Posted by Pennhaven View Post
+1 That's exactly what I use on mine. I agree with your points and would emphasize these are by far the most comfortable tips I've found for HJE900s. That is a big plus because to me comfort is the only drawback to these phones. Also these double flange tips stay in place better than anything else I tried.

I still love the Panas though I just recently had to replace my cable. I was getting an intermittent signal on one side. I wear them over the ear and the conductor apparently broke down where the cable bent around my ear above the connector.

I bought the Sleek Audio SA1 cable. It's OK I guess, but the build quality is pretty disappointing, especially for the price and compared to the Panasonic OE cable. The Sleek cable is much thinner and springier, with a permanent memory that doesn't allow re-coiling much differently than how it came out of the package. Also the connectors fit more loosely than the Panasonic did, and tend to work loose. There is one plus, they are lighter than the Panasonic cable so there is less load on the phones. Consequently they stay in place better when moving around.
I've had the SA1 replacement cables as well, and they lasted from September until now. That's roughly three months, and the death wasn't exactly sudden. My left phone started fading about a month ago and a few days ago it was completely dead. I switched the cables back and forth and both the phones work when powered by the "left" side of the cable. That's a bit disappointing really, after all I did pay 25 quid or so..
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