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Old 12-20-2012, 07:41 AM
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I would definitely say Blox TM7. They blow all other earbuds out of the water. Amazingly detailed with huge soundstage and pretty good bass.

Unfortunately Blox only make them in small batches which sell out quickly. You can keep a lookout there for news:

With shipping included you can get a pair for $148.

Sennheiser recently released MX985 which replaces their former high end earbud model MX980. I've got the MX980 and it's almost as good as the Blox TM7. The bass is slightly less well defined and the fit is worse, but otherwise the MX985 is a good option.

A great entry earbud is Yuin PK2. You can get it from around $50 (up 'til around $75). The sound is airy and the soundstage is expansive. They are far from bass heavy but bass is pretty well definied. The best bet is to look on Ebay for the PK2.
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