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Originally Posted by DSperber View Post
Yes, you got that right.

But one more question. The M3U playlists you made (with Winamp, I assume). Presumably you followed my directions and (a) pointed to the music files on the J3 (either internal storage only, or external storage only, but not from both locations in the same single M3U playlist) in the Winamp Playlist Editor, and then (b) saved the playlist onto the J3... onto the same drive location (either internal storage or external storage) as the music files themselves resided in.

Yes? Yes.

So did you create a single \Playlists folder on internal storage and a second \Playlists (or some other name?) on external storage, to hold your saved M3U playlists for any music file located on that particular drive? Yes.

And you actually can select any of these M3U playlists (no matter whether they're built for music files on either internal or external storage and reside on the corresponding storage)? Yes.

No problems at all? Nothing except 2 songs (out of about 300 total songs on the various playlists I've made thus far) that were replaced mysteriously in the playlist by 2 other random songs on that particular drive, but besides that small anomoly, everything is working great!

The J3 doesn't actually require a single folder location for M3U playlists... they can reside in ANY folder (although obviously a single \Playlists folder on each storage drive makes good sense). At boot time it will scan ALL FOLDERS on both internal and external storage looking for all M3U files, and analyze them all (i.e. get the proper linkages to their internally referenced music files) at that time (in order to make them eventually usable later if you browse Library -> [Playlists].

I just have a \Playlists folder in each separate drive and store all playlists there for simplicity

So, just to confirm, the M3U playlists you've made so far do demonstrate that they can reference music on internal or external storage (but not both in the same single M3U playlist), as long as the M3U playlist file itself is also saved onto the same drive from which the referenced music files are retrieved.

Yes, but is there any way (using playlists only, not genre, etc.) to make a playlist that has songs located on the internal AND external drives in a single playlist? On Winamp, I can only "see" the songs in either drive by clicking (in the left-hand column using the "Bento" skin) on the drive (under devices). Therefore, I can only add songs on drive A to playlists on drive A and the same with external drive B.

Have you had any success with this?
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