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azoth welcome to abi
While I've not checked in long time AFAIK there are headphone meets in the UK but they might not be in your area. Last one that I had heard of you can read about here. I'm sure if you contact some of those guys they can keep you appraised of small meets as well.

Back on track ...

Here’s what I see you saying
- Budget £400 or $647.92
- I want detailed headphones (indicating highs)
- Well defined, articulate bass (indicating quality not quantity)

What I did not read is anything about midrange. Does this mean you like a V-shaped sound signature? I hope not, because the HD600s are definitely not that at all, they sound very nice across the sound spectrum but a little light on bass to my ears and that’s why I prefer the HD650s over them, much warmer with the same detail IMO. The 600s are often considered to be one of the most neutral headphones. Side note; mids are very important because this part of the sound spectrum is where the most audible parts of human voice and the essential sounds emitted by musical instruments our ears hear.

If you do like a nice neutral sound then yes you should be looking at the 600s and I wouldn’t worry about when they were designed. If the price is a little too high then look for some second hand ones or refurbished. Are they worth it, I think so but only you can tell for sure. One very nice thing about Senn’s is that they sell cables, ear-pads, drivers, every part that one needs to fix them if need be. That said, I hate the fact that Senn enforced their dealers to sell at MSRP, in the past they sold below it and there were great deals to be found.

There are other headphones that accomplish what you want but I’m probably not the best person to recommend these as I don’t like them much even though I've tried many of them. For example: Grados, AKG, dt-880, etc. etc. …

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