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Originally Posted by raw-g. View Post
Thanks, DSperber!

Do I have to do the "remove the micro SD card before reboot" thing when using the method you describe?
I'm not sure I understand what you're asking.

Are you asking if you need to go through the "safely remove hardware" process of Windows (and other OS's as well) before you disconnect the USB cable, after doing maintenance on the J3 (either internal or external storage)?

The answer is YES. Anytime you write to one of these removable drives, in any form, and Windows assigned a drive letter to the drive, and then presented the "safely remove hardware" icon in the System Tray, that is the indicator that you ABSOLUTELY must go through that process for safely disconnecting the USB cable. Right click on the system tray icon, select the J3 on the "eject" list, and wait for the "it is now safe to remove hardware" message from Windows. This guarantees that any unwritten data still in buffers gets properly flushed out to the device, before you pull the plug.

When you put the J3 into MSC mode, Windows will assign 1 or 2 drive letters (depending on if you have an external card inserted in the J3 at the time). And you also see that "safely remove hardware" icon appear in the System Tray.

This doesn't happen in MTP mode (and in fact there are no drive letters assigned to the J3 by Windows either), but it will happen in MSC mode.

Is that the answer to your question? I'm not sure what your question is.

Is it necessary to remove the external card from the J3 before rebooting? When?

It's never necessary to remove the external card from the J3, period. You can insert it an leave it in forever. When you plug the J3 into the PC you'll get two drive letters assigned, one for internal storage and the other for external storage. But it's perfectly ok to just leave the card in forever, and read/write to the appropriate drive letter with Explorer or Winamp or whatever.

The only time you absolutely must remove the external card from the J3 is (a) if you are using a 64GB card, and (b) if you are going to connect your J3 to the PC for maintenance on internal storage or something. In other words there is a problem with the J3's firmware and Windows, regarding a 64GB external card formatted as FAT32. You shouldn't have the 64GB card inserted in the J3 when you're going to be connecting the J3 to the PC. Remove the 64GB card first, if you need to connect the J3 to the PC.

So if you do acquire a 64GB card, you MUST also use an external USB card reader to format/read/write to this 64GB card. It is the USB card reader which is connected to the PC and amazingly Windows has no problem dealing with the 64GB card in the card reader. But it has lots of problems (probably caused by the J3 firmware) if you use the J3 as that card reader. So don't.

Once you finish read/write to the 64GB card through the card reader, you then "safely remove hardware" (as you should always do) and then remove the card from the card reader and insert it into the J3. Disconnected from the PC, the J3 has no trouble reading that 64GB card.

Is this what you're asking??
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