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Originally Posted by 1ako View Post
A lot of the times, I want to get a song that is old or rare, and youtube is the only place that I know of.. Is there a better place where I can find these songs then?
I usually buy the CD and rip it to be sure I get the best quality. Amazon and iTunes also tend to have very good quality files.

I don't get them off video sites and transcode them as I prefer music that sounds like music, not mush. Most often what you find on youtube is relatively low quality to start with. Transcoding the files with the site you mentioned will degrade the sound quality further. The artifacts I have heard from the files I've heard others obtained that way weren't subtle. I'm willing to pay rather than subject my ears to something that bad.

Let me be clear about one thing. Discussion of how to obtain copyrighted material isn't allowed here. Let this be the last on that subject.

Why don't you list what you've done to follow the directions posted by DSperber? I've noticed that he's helped a number of others get playlists working on a J3 when they worked with him and gave him feedback as to what happened when they tried following what he posted. I think that if you work with him you would have the same success.
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