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I would definitely go for the X7. I've had the 160GB version for a year or 2 now and it hasn't disappointed yet. In my opinion the only issues are:

- not-very-responsive screen (I guess this was meant to keep the price manageable)
- occasionally awkward user interface (for some reason Cowon always re-invents its GUI)
- gapless playback for FLAC's only seems to work when the screen is ON (although I haven't heard anyone else complain about this)

And the pro's are of course:
- capacity
- battery life
- sound quality (especially with the BBE setting)

I recommend installing the Sense music interface and Leaf browser interface, they have a number of advantages over the standard Cowon GUI.

And last but not least, remember to choose the non-European setting during first set-up, otherwise the maximum volume will be limited due to European law.

* EDIT *

That is, if you are in Europe in the first place ;-)

Also, I have no issues on Windows 7 64-bit. But I connect the X7 as an external harddisk (folders), which I believe is never a problem.

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