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Hi to all

Afetr a few days of reading different forums and being very unsuccesful, i apologise hi-jacking this thread but the problem is similar to the one posted here.

I have a HTC One X, using ES File explorer. I have a main PC with win XP pro, HTCP running XBMC OpenELEC, and a lap top wireless running win 7.

All my shares on my win 7 are accessible in my main PC, HTCP, even my PS3 - th eonly device that i cannot access my laptop shares with is my phone with ES FIle explorer connected. I also tried swiFTP without success, and File Manager HD.

I manually tried to connect to or with the share folders does not work.
I tried all the methods i found online and here and I still get all the messages from login failure.

i removed pw to come onto my home screen, cheked services, my folder shares have the correct permissions, tried "guest" and "everyone" - turned off firewall and that still did not happen...

I am thinking - do i need to port forward my HTC on my router?

I have completely run out of my knowledge of what i can do next...

can anyone assist how to enable my phone and win 7 to talk to each other please?

Many thx in advance.

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