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Old 12-08-2012, 10:09 PM
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Originally Posted by sublimit View Post
I thought i could add to this thread instead of making a new one since the topic is almost identical.... hope you don't mind Azfargh?

So i have a Cowon player and have always been in the bracket $120-$200 IEM's and never been in the position to experience the higher end.

it's not so much a question of portability anymore, and i would consider closed headphones if recommended. i'd like to also note that i will not be getting a portable amp.

I spoke over the phone to a guy from a shop about this topic, and my question was about the Ultimate Ears 10 pro's being marked down from $749 to $375. I was told that they're phasing out their UE products due to them being bought out and having inferior products.

He did recommend either the Shure SE535's or the Sennheiser IE 80's, both being $399 and $444 respectively

One more thing... anyone familiar with WHSLE.BIZ? i did a search for prices on the S IE 80's and they have them for $220! pretty decent discount, and shipping is $18 to Australia, but are they reputable?

Whats more i'm wondering about closed headphones and if you need an amp to drive them, or are certain ones viable with a Cowon?

Price-range: $300-$500
Location: Australia, i have a preference to buy from but i'm flexible on that
Category: IEM's or even closed headphones (i don't know much about the latter and am here to learn
Primary location of use: Commuting and minor physical activity(cleaning the house, gardening, work etc)
Preferable SQ or Sound Signature: Bass is important, but in the context of quality. It doesn't have to stand out or be able to go very loud. I like the subtle-ness of bass in Jazz. likewise with the mid-range and ambient spectrum. I'd like it to go loud, but not at the sacrifice of SQ
Media: Electronic music thats not popular. I love minimal, ambient, experimental, some elements of DnB and dubstep, atmospheric music, Jazz, stuff from late 60's 70s like the Beatles and Pink Floyd, and good old Radiohead even. But my bench mark for testing out Sq would be Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada and defiantly Autechre with their sonic and lush soundscapes
Source: A Cowon J3

Thank you, and again, i hope you don't mind that we share this thread
I don't mind mate... sharing is the main lesson to internet people, right?

Well... for cost-benefit with bass-driven sound and good audiophile quality, the basic: Koss Porta Pro is the pick. For considerably all-round great sound quality, also the basic Sennheiser PX 100-II... the design is quite sexy.

Now, if you are setting the bar for the medium-weight categories... the sennheiser IE 80 is already a great choice. But also I've heard well about Phonak Audeo PFE 132... says that is very accurate for instruments sounds and also delivers a nice bass... ranging from 250 US dollars.

I strongly recommend small headphones or iem... not exactly for portability, but much more for fashion aesthetics... closet headphones usually are big and only street wear match better with this kind of headphones. Believe me... having a good time looking bad by increasing the size of the head to the sides isn't the best feeling... smaller and simpler designs can match with a much larger clothing repertoire.

I have no info about closed headphones, but based on my old tests from cheap professional DJ headphones, I was able to make it work with my oldie Iriver T10 (was 5 years ago).
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