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Originally Posted by Artmuzz View Post
I had a look at this camera at my local Jessops and it looks good. I wonder if this uses the Wolfson DAC for listening to music. Also does it have manual focus on the video function?
Jessops now supply it with a sepperate charger and spare battery (we moaned about the in camera charging and they listened!)
They have also tweaked the video system for more flexibility, and moved the record button to the other side of the screen as it diddn't work well on the left side.

Don't know about the sound chip, it does sound better than my 5.0, but I haven't got the best hearing.
no manual focus in video mode, it's only a compact camera!
The camera part is very good, I'm not sure the tester was competant to use it, especially if he struggles with better cameras!

the camera is better than that of a phone (that's the problem with phones, no zoom and tiny sensor), but it has the connectivity of a phone.
I agree, it is a bit OTT, I think a smaller unit with 10x zoom lens would sell a lot better, but mine was free, so can't complain too much! (actually I did and they improved it)


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