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Originally Posted by CDMP3PlayerFan View Post
These are the first comments I've found on-line concerning the HA-S140 headphones. I have both the HA-S140 and HA-S160 and I prefer the overall sound of the 140. Out of the box (without equalizer adjustment) I've found the sound of the 160 to be very bassy, so much that with some types of music it overwhelms the music and are almost uncomfortable to listen to.

The following are two of the tracks I had an issue with:

That's not the case with the 140s (the bass is there, but it's not as overwhelming and sounds more balanced). I've found the 140 very comfortable to wear. I agree that adding a metal backbone to the headband would be a welcome improvement.
If you stretch the headband on the HA-S160 so it gives less pressure, then the headphone won't provide as much bass. Some seem to say that the HA-S160 doesn't provide enough bass. Imo the bass it gives is just right. I would like to find different earpads for the HA-S160 to increase the comfort. Perhaps velour ones? That would also decrease the bass though.

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