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Originally Posted by 1ako View Post
Have you tried this advice?
Originally Posted by DSperber View Post
You can use the very fine program MP3Tag to properly construct or modify or edit ID3 tags to contain the right values, and then you'll see the proper "artist" (and "album" and "year" and "genre" and "song title") on the J3 since all of those values come directly from the internal tag field values. Else -> UNKNOWN.
An experienced owner is telling what happens if the files are untagged and you try to make a playlist. If MediaMonkey isn't tagging the files they'll continue to show as UNKNOWN.

My experience with MM says it should tag the files but if the results you get is "Sometimes it does sometimes it doesnt" then you can either check you settings in MM or try the MP3Tag. If neither one of those work I'd post a detailed description of what you're trying. What I see here really doesn't give enough information for anyone to spot what the problem might be.

One of the other things you may want to try is using files that aren't grabbed of the 'net and then converted. If that works then it's probably that program that's producing some type of non-standard file or tags.
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