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A couple of observations about Winamp. The playlists it creates are .m3u files, not .pla. And they work outside the Playlists folder, but not inside. Also, at one point Winamp asked if I wanted to manage the Clip+ "as a Winamp device". Assuming I had no choice, I said yes. But I discovered later that means the "Create Playlist" option gets replaced by the Enqueue in Winamp option. To get back to the mode I prefer, I did several things, which might not all be necessary. (1) Set the USB mode back to auto-detect. (2) Uninstall Winamp from the PC. (3) Format the Clip+, which only affects the internal memory, not the SDHC. It took some combination of those 3 things to prevent the Clip+ from stubbornly reverting to its "Winamp device" identity without giving me a choice.

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