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Originally Posted by BruceBanner View Post
I would argue that this may not be true. I have been listening to walkmans loud with various headphones since i was doing paper rounds as a young lad. I have trained myself to NEVER use sound as a guidance when out and about, be it cycling, walking busy streets or even driving a car. I would place money that those in accidents didn't hear a car and thought it was safe to cross i.e. they relied too heavily on their hearing, could not hear the cars comng (as cars are very quiet these days) and so did not use their eyes, step out and BAM!
The trouble comes when you have people not used to using isolating headphones (or listening loud volumes enough to drown traffic) and not using sight enough.
But i feel VERY safe driving, cycling and walking using isolating IEMs as i have been doing so for years and am solely using sight as a judgement for conditions.
Some might argue the safest is using a combination of sight and hearing when out and about, but what im proposing is perhaps they're wrong, that this is one of those times that using sight and only sight is safer.
I've been very very shocked how much I use my ears for knowing what is going on around me, I don't depend on it, but when I hear something then I realize it and account for it.

One of the places I noticed that I used my ears more substantially than I ever knew was when I was playing Foosball. We used to do local competitions and I was at the top, one day I decided I would 'get in the zone' and play with my music, boy did that impair me. It cut my skillz down by at least 35%.

And also working on the job, at some points there are at least 8-10 pieces of large machinery moving in all directions around me, having my ears open keeps me alive.

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