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Old 11-30-2012, 03:02 PM
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thanks a lot guys u help me a lot.
Skip 252 yr links was very helpfull so to understand some things but as for the 16/44 and 24/96 i agree that rockbox plays everything at 16/44 but the difference was audible with the specific song of Eagles i suppose i might found a bad recording of 16/44.
but i have to say that its very "beautifull" to see on yr screen "96khz" (even its fake)while much more expensive players
Roboturner913 while u own it and u use it,i saw some videos of fuze+ on youtube with and without rockbox.the difference was huge.with rockbox seems to be very fast and stable with its function at least for the few moments that the video was showing there any serious problem that u have faced while u rockboxed it?
well as i said i owned the sansa clip+ which was very stable and i like it a lot,despite the the noise of its buttons especially at nights(click,click) and the small screen which in some cases was a little tiring for me, i was thinking while the cost of clip+ and fuze+(16gb) is about 20-30 euros to buy the there any difference in SQ or hiss noise while they have different processor?
thanks for once again guys!
keep on the good work so to "enlight" us all!!!

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