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Rockbox isn't a static project. This thread was started before the ability to use any directory as the playlist catalog directory was an option in Rockbox. The the playlist would play from any location, it just didn't show in the Playlist Catalog. Notice the name of the thread
creating functional .m3u playlists that are recognized by playlist catalog
The issue that richteratmosphere had with needing to use the File Browser to locate his playlists was resolved long ago. All you need to do is designate any folder as the Playlist Catalog Directory and save to the directory you designated. When you open the Playlist Catalog the saved playlists will be listed. It wasn't like that when the thread started.

The same thing applies to being able to use the root of the external card as a directory that creates playlists than span both memories. You can designate the root of the external card as the Playlist Catalog Directory. When you use a program like foobar2000 can use files from both memories and save to the root of the external card. The playlists will be seen when you open the Playlist Catalog. The playlists also work with no further file path correction needed.
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