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Default same tune sounds different when swapping players?

hi all,

ive just moved from a sony nwz a845, as it ran out of space, to my old htc desire, using a 32g card and an app called Poweramp

now, i could be imagining this but, im sure the same tracks can sound quite a bit different when listened to on both these devices. on the htc, the tracks can sound 'odd' to my ears - but it could be that im hearing more on the htc?

could this be down to different DAC qualities? at least i think that is the bit that does the dig->analogue conversion


ps: im using the same headphones on both players
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Check out GSMArena, as they do quite a bit of testing on these phones in reguards to sq:

I didn't like the volume or sq I got when I tested out a few HTC phones, with PowerAmp.

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hi Darkside,

thanks for the info - bummer i was hoping that wasnt the case oh well
shame, because i like the shuffling features with android+poweramp

...back to the drawing board then i guess


odd - seems to say it is good for audio :/

The HTC Desire pulls off the same remarkable audio quality as the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10, but is louder in terms of earphones volume.
In fact the two frequency response graphs are so similar that we suspect a similar (or maybe identical) hardware has been used inside the two Android flagships. We suspect that HTC have found a way to pump up the volume a bit higher, which has naturally led to the minimal differences you see in the table below.
At any rate the Desire readings are excellent all over, the HTC handset pulling one of the best all-round performances that we have ever seen. Check it out for yourselves.
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