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Its really hard to recommend you anything without a store name since there are soooo many quality sets around these days. if you can provide store websites or just a list of products in your range it would help.

see if they have a set of spider realvoice IEMs. I have heard great things about them. I liek anything JVC personally. The microdriver stuff sounds right up your alley. Some of the yamaha products are good. Panasonic too. Meelec a151 and a161 are good too. I have the a161 myself and love them. Shure and westone are typically up your alley from what I hear. Really, there are a bunch that fit your requirements. The Sony BA1 sounds great but the cable is annoying as hell. Etymotic mc5. Sometime you can find the HF5 for $100ish. I can probably rattle off a couple more too. there are some pretty comprehensive review threads stickied here and over on head-fi. there is a lot of nonsense on headfi but joker a clieos are pretty down to earth as far as reviewers go

apple store has ultimate ears. they are decent. I am super curios about the incase IEMs. a member here loves the Sonic InCase headphones he picked up.

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