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pablobaluba wrote the following as part of a post:

Originally Posted by pablobaluba View Post
Most important for me is Sound Quality. I don't care about videos, photos, big screen, etc. I will just carry the player in my pocket. So if it will have buttons instead of touch screen it'll be better...still I will handle it either way.

I'm mostly playing FLAC and mp3.
Another important thing for me is the battery life.
I don't care too much about capacity. 8GB should be ok...16GB even better, considering I'll use FLAC mostly.
I'm willing to spend up to 200$ if it's really worth.
The Sony Walkman players should meet the above criteria with the exception of the ability to play FLAC files. They do support WAV, MP3, AAC-LC, and WMA.

I rip my music to FLAC, and manage my music collection with MediaMonkey (MM). When MM loads my FLAC files on my player, it automatically converts them into high-quality LAME encoded MP3 files. Media Go (Sony's media management software) can also convert FLACs to MP3 or AAC as it loads them on your player.

Per the instruction manual, the battery life for my player (a Sony Walkman NWZ-E465) ranges as follows:
  • 48 hours when playing AAC-LC files encoded at 128kbps
  • 50 hours when playing MP3s and WMA files encoded at 128kbps
  • 55 hours when playing WAV files
I hope this helps.
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