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Default Mp3 player recommendation - perhaps Sony (I'm confused!)

Hi folks,

I'm new to the forum and have found a lot of good info so far. Basically I am hunting for a new mp3 player for my g/fs Xmas, and Sony and Cowon look to be a good candidates, but there are so many models/numbers that I am having trouble deciding which, as well as finding where to buy these (especially the Sony models).

She has had the same Zen Vision M 30gb for years which she loves, but it is on it's way out. She likes then Zen interface, but I've read that the new models are not great!

My rough criteria is:

Location: UK
Capacity: 16gb (with expansion if possible)
Budget: Max budget is about 140
Type/Design: She only uses her Zen for music, but it seems that the capacity needed rules out just a DAP.
Features: A mic/memo recorder would be handy
Use/Battery life: She'd be using it mostly for commuting, however we take long journey fairly regularly, so the Sony's 50+ hrs sound ideal.

Hope that this is enough to go on! As I say, some of the players I've ben looking at (e.g Sony E465 and Sony NWZ-A845) are proving hard to track down new, so buy link would be appreciated too if possible!

Thanks in advance for helping a confused brother out!
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The Sony players don't have a card slot though, and the 32GB Sony players are very expensive. Since you want expandability and very long battery life, perhaps you should consider the Cowon C2, which has a microSDHC card slot and is listed as having up to 55 hour battery life for music. A 16GB Cowon C2 is $145 in the US. I don't know about EU pricing.

If you can't find the C2 in Europe at a decent price, you could order it from B&H in NYC at $145 plus $44 shipping(I don't know if you will need to pay import duties).

The $40 Sandisk Clip+ or Clip Zip has a card slot and excellent sound quality, but only around 12 hours of battery life, so I use mine with a USB battery pack. The Sandisk Clip players will play while charging via usb.

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How about you get something small and just buy a large micro sd card say 64gb? Maybe a clip zip with a an external card for dumping all your music on it would be a good idea imo. No need to even use the internal memory
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I'd personally say to go with the Cowon C2. Long battery life, microSD expandable, excellent SQ, highly pocketable.
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Thanks for the suggestions!

Does the Cowon C2 integrate mp3s on the SD card along with those stored internally when playing? I've read that the interface is a pain too, is this true?

The Sansa Clip+ looks great for the price, just a shame about the battery life! JK98, are there any good external batteries that aren't too cumbersome?

I also spotted this after looking around more: Creative Zen Style M300 Does anyone have any experiences with this player? It looks to have similar expansion options to the Clip+, only without the ability to integrate SD files with internal ones (I'm guessing). Sounds like the battery might be slightly better that the Clip+ also. Might be a good option seeing as my g/f loved her previous zen!
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There are many usb battery packs. The Veho Pebble XT seems like the best deal in a small 5,000 mah usb battery pack.

The Cowon C2 integrates card memory with main memory. The Creative players don't integrate card memory with main memory. The Clip+ is much better than the Creative M300.

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