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Ok so... Last night's trip to the shop.

I live in Montreal and it's pretty hard to find a store with a good selection of headphones. So, as I just learnt tha same day a new one just opened downtown, I left work early and headed there. Great selection... Of high-end expensive headphones and a somehow OK selection of in-ears. Lots of "skull candys" and Monsters, lots of Sennheiser, lots of Shure, Jays, a couple Denons, Sony, Panasonic...

Not quite knowing what to buy, I found the Denon AH C560R, and since I love Denon, I thought "I'll be extra careful with those one" and bought them. 92$, taxes included, with a 10% rebate. I'm trying then on right away... THE CONTROLS ARE NOT COMPATIBLE WITH ANDROID PHONES. Just so everybody knows. Yeah, I know, it's written at the back of the box... :-/ Too bad, cause they actually sounded very good, very much what I was expecting.

So, I went back, had a refund and took a pair of aJays one +. Did I say I had a crappy night ? Those are just plain terrible : lack of decent volume, lack of pretty much anything decent except maybe the looks and... They're compatible with Android.

So I guess I'll review my criteria and remove the integrated mic. Going back to the store today and trying to get a new refund. Total refund...

I was looking at Shure SE215's since they have detachable cords, but the reviews here are not too good. So, I might just take a new pair of Denons without mic. Or am opened to further suggestions, knowing that I'm not an online buyer and I have to find what you suggest in a store in Montreal. There's another place I'll visit today just to make sure...
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