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Default On which mp3 players we can add a digital output ?


Many mp3 players don't have a separate DAC chip. But maby we can add a digital output to some mp3 players to get out the SPDIF or I2S signal to a external DAC.

On which mp3 players we can add a digital output ?



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Welcome to ABi

You seem to be looking for something with line out capability. I'd look at a Sony with a LOD. Some Android players can also use USB to output digital.

Never researched specific models myself. I know that a player with a good amp set to it's highest non clipping volume gives me the same as line out. I just do that instead of burdening myself with equipment that won't add anything for the way I use my DAPs.
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To use an external digital to analog converter, you would need to get a device that is a usb host, or use an ipod with the istreamer or similar device(if there are others?)

a notebook or netbook, or some of the higher end tablets are usb hosts.

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The Gigabeat F/X are the only players I can think of that actually exposed an internal I2S bus (and over the dock connector no less!)

See if you can find one of those.
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