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Library -> [Artists] on the J3 displays information which is derived from the internal ID3 tag field values. The display has nothing to do with the external folder/file names.

Did you ever have these "MP3 converted from YouTube to MP3" files stored on the J3 before? If so, what was their extension... WMA, WAV, etc.?? And did they display "artist" before converting them to MP3?

Or are you saying you had them on your PC in some form, used some undisclosed program to "convert them to MP3", then loaded them onto the J3 and they simply show "unknown" for Artist?

What software/method did you use to do this conversion? What is your "YouTube" format???

If you lost (or never had) internal ID3 tags then you're never going to see anything in "artist" but UNKNOWN.

You can use the very fine program MP3Tag to properly construct or modify or edit ID3 tags to contain the right values, and then you'll see the proper "artist" (and "album" and "year" and "genre" and "song title") on the J3 since all of those values come directly from the internal tag field values. Else -> UNKNOWN.
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