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Originally Posted by WalkGood View Post
Both IEMs and full size cans have their uses. While traveling or out on the go, I prefer IEMs. At home I prefer speakers first and when I canít use them because of others being around I use my full size cans. While Iíve not tested either of the ones you mention, if you only use headphones in your room then Iíd only be looking for the best full size cans you can afford.
Originally Posted by BruceBanner View Post
I'd go with the E10's everytime. I annoy my wife to no end when playing Counter Strike: Source using my superlux hd's as the sound still leaks out quite a fair bit (and of course you know bruce likes his shotguns LOUD)
My ear lugs are also rather large, meaning the cups of the cans still sit a little on the ear lug and therefore after 1hr of playing start to ache.
I use my e10's for 6-8hrs constant use at work and never have any aches whatsover.

The only real advantage i think cans have over IEMs is that they slip on alot quicker, so if im doing something that's quick i'll use cans, otherwise IEMs win imo.

Soundwise i find the e10's superior to the aforementioned cans also.
thankyou for the replies..i had trouble deciding because there are very few superlux reviews the idea concerning full cans vs brucebanner said e10 has the better sound that made my mind up..again thank you..
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