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Originally Posted by Voodude View Post
Pennhaven, thanks for the link, after looking at your post I remembered reading it some time ago.

In my opinion once the original clip on the C+ breaks, the mounting posts servers no useful purpose so removing it is not an issue. The “ridge that forms the original clip-gripper” may or may not be useful depending on the replacement clip and/or its position.
True enough, unless you want to use the mounting posts for a removable badge clip like I did.

In regards to the SO-LED clip (from your pictures), it looks like you could drill out the rivet and have a smooth surface to attach to the C+. 
Probably could, but would lose the ability to rotate the clip. And the spring tension would still be way higher than I think you would want for this application. You might find that pressing on clip would break it loose or, if mounted very securely, possibly even break the housing of the Clip+.

I also like the NITE IZE clip (from your pictures), it looks like there may be a small gap between the clip and the base. How well does it hold on to fabric? It looks a little long but the base could be cut off just past the clip to allow more room for the mic hole.
I've never used it so can not say how well it would hold.

You're correct, it does look as though the end of the base could be trimmed back and still allow it to grip. That could solve the mic hole clearance. The main body of the Nite-Ize clip would then extend beyond the Clip+ housing, which might look a little sloppy, but I don't think it would hurt the function.
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