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No intent on my part to debate the merits of different software. It's my experience that WMP won't do what it is you want. I gave an alternative that I believe should accomplish the end result you desire. If it doesn't suit your flow it's best to find an alternative.

Which USB transfer mode were you using with the Fuze? MTP, Autodetect or MSC? When I've used Autodetect or MTP I had the results you describe. The original playlist would sync and get buggy after that. That would usually create a .pla playlist and transfer the needed files. Doing that would sometimes over write the contents of other lists.

With MSC I had what I describe. WMP would transfer the files but the needed .m3u playlist wasn't created on the player. Rockbox uses .m3u not .pla playlists. Which is why I described a way to sync using those. There may be a way to configure WMP to transfer .m3u lists but I haven't found it.
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