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Just look for a player that has features that he will like,...that's all. Looking for the PERFECT player will do nothing but make you go crazy, and you'll never look for the right things.

Me, I'm actually eyeing the new iPod touch 5G. It's got excellent SQ, the battery life is very good, it has a volume control on the side & will work with in-line controls, it CAN use apps that allow usage of a CUSTOM EQ and RIVALS the SQ of any Cowon, Sony, or ROCKBOXED player.

If you want no apps at all get a Cowon C2 or i10. The SQ is excellent, the battery life top notch, the EQ and sound enhancements are wonderful, and the C2 has a microSD card slot.

Then there's Sony. They have excellent SQ, great battery life, are quite portable (most are decently small), and have tactile controls. They max @16GB tho,...except the newer Android players - they go to 32GB.

Then there's the Samsung players. They all tend to be Android nowadays,...except if you take a quick trip to a Toys'R'Us and find one on clearance. Those are well worth the effort. The capacity is low, but the SQ is excellent.

Then you have a Sansa clip+ or clipzip. I'm not going to go into detail, but they are excellent, are expandable (microSD card slot), and easily Rockboxed. The Sansa fuze as well (NOT the fuze+, it's GARBAGE!!!) if you search for it (Google, or just look on Amazon). Plus all 3 can use a 64GB micro SDXC card when Rockboxed,...

I might has missed some stuff, but at least you see you need to decide more on features - not SQ.
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