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Apparently there is some barrier we both are bumping into. I thought you were referring to the way this thread was going, not my original post. I'll happily take the responsibility for any misunderstanding if in the end it becomes easier for someone interested in Rockbox or hearing safety to learn how easy it is to protect themself from this type incident.

Despite the perception of some in this thread I am deeply interested in hearing safety. You can't enjoy the music if you can't hear the music.

My thought is that is was much too difficult to find the information on how a fixed.cfg file can be used to help protect against unexpected volume levels at boot. I'm fairly certain from the reaction here most people haven't dug out that information. It may be possible to make that information more accessible.

Adding a sticky to each of the Rockbox subforums here shouldn't be difficult. The sticky topic could be along the lines of "Safeguard Your Hearing With A fixed.cfg File". The body of the sticky would need to be a short set of directions on how to create the file and it's benefits.

Making the message clear in a few sentences would be important. Most people aren't going to read a wall-o-print to dig out how to protect against something they don't believe will happen.

After that's done the information could be pushed to the front page to help spread the word. I don't have the permissions needed to do that part but interesting ideas from the forum can be put there by contacting one of the admins.

My writing style isn't that good at keeping things short. I'd like to request anyone that thinks this may be a useful idea write it up and either post it or send it to me through a pm. I'll be trying to create something that might work and post it up once I think it might be suitable.

Any thoughts as to whether this might be useful are certainly welcome. My experience has been when more people add their ideas it increases the probability a solution that's suitable for the majority can be found.
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