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I never Rockboxed a R version E2xx. From reading the manual and the Wiki it seems as if the difference is only in the installation procedure. If that's the only difference from my E2xx players I'd think it wouldn't be a bad choice. There's is one fair size "gotcha".

There's a fair amount of unavoidable background noise on a Rockboxed E2xx player. If you use low impedance IEMs it can get pretty noisy when it first boots and when it accesses the flash memory. It's less with full size cans but it's still there. I listen to mine with full size cans quite a bit and don't notice the noise much except during the boot sequence and for a few seconds after.

The sound quality also isn't *quite* as good as a Clip or Fuze. The scare quotes are because I don't find the difference objectionable under just about every condition I use mine. It doesn't measure as well but it's not something I pick up on much during out and about listening. I like how it sounds but that may just from years of listening to them.
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