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If you prefer lebellium can move this to an appropriate thread of it's own. I could do it but I prefer not to be seen as attempting to intimidate or suppress discussion. Until then you'll be hearing what I think of this here.

Trying to tell somewhere where to post in this forum or characterize their statements the way you have is what's non productive . I expressed an opinion. Anyone is free to do that in any subforum that interests them in this forum. Considering I've been using Rockbox for over 5 years, I'm damn interested. If that's flaming then be prepared for more.

There's also nothing egoistic about stating that I know enough to turn down the volume enough not to damage my hearing. If others were as aware how to protect themselves this wouldn't need to be posted anywhere.

I'll stop posting here if you clarify if this idiocy is proposed for all targets or just the R0. And yes, it's my opinion that any safety proposal that requires everyone be encumbered with steel toe shoes because a thoughtless person stubbed his toe, is idiocy. Your "harmless", isn't, if it requires the thoughtful be lumped with those that can't be arsed to think for themselves.

Don't attempt to lecture me about Rockbox and it's benefits or hazards. I've had it installed on one player or another since 2008. I started using it because it freed me to use a player the way I preferred. That required I actually put some thought into what I wanted and how to accomplish my goals. Part of that was actually doing the research to find what a safe listening level was. Now I make sure whenever I turn on a player the player is at that level or below.

I never said I haven't made a mistake in controlling the volume on one of my DAPs. I said I figured out how to protect my hearing. I went to the Rockbox forum and searched "volume limit". That brought me to this thread,16878.0.html that showed me how to have a player always start at a preset volume. Using a fixed.cfg file with a volume setting makes it simple. If I choose to do that.

To use that or not is my choice and should remain my choice in my opinion. I came out of diapers a long time ago. I don't need someone deciding for me with a default setting what volume is appropriate for me.

Life has taught me that the primary safety feature in any situation is to use your head for more than just a hatrack. They ignored that and got ear blasted. Your assumption is that everyone else will, so now they need someone to protect them from themselves.
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