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Originally Posted by VanniX View Post
@Yamashiita Ren:
You can limit output volume by changing the alsa master volume in Linux. You can decrease the percentage in
I set it to 90, because it's the best ratio that allows higher quality in a typical sinusoidal output (tested with my oscilloscope). However you can set it as you want. Remember that over 97% sine waves are flattened, under 80% are a bit biased.

For the car radio you should check alsamixer is you want to use line out instead of front/headphone. The R0 output is only a "limited line out".
Tomorrow i can try in console if you want ;-)
Again, NO! Alsamixer doesn't do anything once rockbox has started
Please have a look at rockbox code: it manages volumes DIRECTLY to as3543 codec, alsamixer has no role in this...
Indeed I was wondering why keeping all the volumes in the startup script, you should have a look also to the newest script contained in rockbox's sources...
EDIT: if it does there is something strange

Anyways yes a bad episode, it happened me too but nothing serious also because I don't have quality headphones ^^


A solution to this problem could be eventually the setting to restore, at every startup, a predefined volume.
Or indeed, I have an old Sony amplifier that has a protector (I think it senses the flowing current in the speakers).
Of course this is not feasible because of the missing hardware but a possible way of solving is that volume isn't set immediately but after a certain delay.
If, for example, I keep pressed volume up, okay, I can see on the screen the value raising but in the meantime the actual volume changes slowly in little steps...
This sounds easy to say and difficult to implement indeed. Should and must have a setting for this. Lowering the volume has no limits (no need and safety)
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