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@Yamashiita Ren:
You can limit output volume by changing the alsa master volume in Linux. You can decrease the percentage in
I set it to 90, because it's the best ratio that allows higher quality in a typical sinusoidal output (tested with my oscilloscope). However you can set it as you want. Remember that over 97% sine waves are flattened, under 80% are a bit biased.

For the car radio you should check alsamixer is you want to use line out instead of front/headphone. The R0 output is only a "limited line out".
Tomorrow i can try in console if you want ;-)

PS: In LRv4.5C9 is enabled a simple "power on counter" that i use for battery benchmark and dis/charging time. It use /tmp dir (ram) and another dir autogenerated on microSD. In Final release this utility will be removed (disabled).

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