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Originally Posted by Yamashiita Ren View Post
Enough with my life. My idea is that the YP-Q3 have a nice feature (which have certainly saved my ears in the last year).
The YP-Q3 have a volume scale from 0 to 30. If my memory is alright, after going to sleep mode (so after not using it for like 5-15 minutes) the volume go to 15 on the scale if it was over 15 before going in sleep mode.
So basically, an option to not write back volume levels if the player idle powers off. I'm not sure I really like that idea because its fairly complicated and I think most users won't really use it.

Originally Posted by Yamashiita Ren View Post
Usually, I listen music at -30dB. As you might know it, -30dB => 0dB is 8 times more sound pressure ... My ears are quite sensitive so you may imagine the shock ...
Its actually 31 times IIUC.

But I think the real solution here is to get a player with a line out if you want to drive a line in jack. That way you won't have to turn up the volume dangerously high.
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