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what do you mean by being "stuck" ? How long do you let it check the external memory before giving up ?

I have a 32Go J3 with an additional 32Go microSD card, both of which are at full capacity and you must know that this is one of the big drawbacks of the J3 : the more you have files on it, the more it takes time to start up (and I mean a HUGE time!!), which only gets worse when you add an external memory. For me it can be several minutes before it finally is on.

To solve this, you need to enable the Sleep Mode (Settings > System > Sleep Mode: ON) so that when it turns off because of inactivity, or that you turn it off manually, it only takes seconds to turn back on. No waste of battery, the sleep mode is as efficient as the complete shutdown.

However you can't stop it (to my knowledge) from turning completely off when you connect/disconnect it to your computer.

If that doesn't solve it for you (ie waiting for at least 5 minutes, just to be sure), maybe your card is corrupted and you should reformat it.

Hope this helps (if you hadn't already solved this)
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