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Yes, ears safety is quite a difficult task to achieve with such powerful devices.
Haven't really the courage to fully understand your link (I'm French and still quite shocked as my recovery is still uncertain) but as you explained it, it seems that it is a volume limiter.

The problem is that I am the one who improved the volume to +0dB (don't know if it was the right thing to do). Why ? Because I usually listen the R0 in my car and I never have really understood how to have the best audio quality in my car ~~ So I usually use more the player amp than the car radio amp ...
Few days after the car episode, I wanted to listen music and you know the end of the story ...

Enough with my life. My idea is that the YP-Q3 have a nice feature (which have certainly saved my ears in the last year).
The YP-Q3 have a volume scale from 0 to 30. If my memory is alright, after going to sleep mode (so after not using it for like 5-15 minutes) the volume go to 15 on the scale if it was over 15 before going in sleep mode.
It's really a good feature and I really encourage you to introduce this feature in Rockbox. Another good idea can be to allow the user to choose at which volume he wants the player to start in such cases.

ps :
Have read the logs and have found that my case isn't fully understand by everyone.
I hope my post will help them to understand.
Feel free to ask questions. I'm not here to tell "It's your fault" because I'm the one who flashed Rockbox but I want to help you to improve the firmware and prevent such "bad experiences".

edit :
I have listened the first seconds of this podcast : with the R0 and an ATH-SJ 55 headphone.
During the week before the audio disease I was sick and before being sick, I went to a nightclub (unprotected).
Certainly my ears suffered in the nightclub, didn't recovered during the week because I was sick and suffered a lot during the few seconds of podcast at 0dB.
Usually, I listen music at -30dB. As you might know it, -30dB => 0dB is 8 times louder for the ears ... My ears are quite sensitive so you may imagine the shock ...

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