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You really want to write your tags using Mp3Tag. I found that tags written with foobar2000 that were reliably read everywhere else failed on the Clip Zip. Weird, they worked perfectly on the Clip+ but after the database refresh the CZ showed all types of nonsense information. Mostly it was the genre that went wrong.

Fusion became "F", "Fu", "Fn" and other variations. Without changing any information they all read correctly by just having MP3Tag write the tags again.

If you use the settings Marv posted here you can rewrite the tags in batches. if you prefer to keep the Id3v1 tags just check that box in the Write option.

I'd try a small set of copies before I changed anything for a larger collection. If something goes wrong it can be fixed but it can be a PIA.

If any of your m4a files are longer than ~10 minutes they may or may not play. I've tried them using several types of encoders. I used iTunes, Winamp and a few others and the results have been the same. As long as they were short enough they played OK. Other songs from the same album that were encoded as part of the same batch were skipped.
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