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Originally Posted by nathan View Post
I've had a pair of RP-HJE900 break on me and replaced them with the phonak pfe's. Here's my experience/quick comparison between the two phones (look at post #18 but the whole thread can be useful to you as other members recommended other alternatives as well):

The cheaper base pfe's 012/022 are pretty much the same phones as the PFE's 111/112/121 but the pfe's 012/022 only come with the green filter's (more base less sparkle and maybe less detail). You can save money by going with the cheaper model and buying a set of gray acoustic filters (most detail and sparkle) for $20 - at least you use to been able to.
Thanks for your reply. I'm just a little hesitant about the PFE's as some people do say they lack bass, even with the bass tips. I had to mod my RP-HJE's just to tame those piercing highs pull the low mids forward a little. How's the bass on the PFE's? Does it sound tight and punchy?
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