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Old 11-06-2012, 08:45 AM
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Originally Posted by melat0nin View Post
I'd also ideally like a J-chord pair, since I find the Y chord very irritating when all the weight is put on my ears and the buds don't stay in right. I walk a lot and find myself constantly having to adjust the position of the wire under my jacket to give enough slack that the weight isn't pulling on the buds.
how does the J cord help that? instead of the weight being on both ears it just transfers it all to one ear. worse IMO. wearing them over the ear and with a shirt clip would help what you are talking about.

as for specific suggestions...I don't have much experience with current IEMs in that price range. Right now I am using the Meelectronics a161 and I love them. Everything else I have is even cheaper than that. I have spent more int he past but in my experience there is a distinct decline in return for your money after $100. Its all about build quality, fine tuning to sound signatures, etc at that point. There are so many excellent choices in the $80-100 range right now. Even $50 has more now than I ever remember.

It does suck that you can't audition IEMs in very many places...but it also makes the hobby an adventure and kind of fun. Whatever you get, stick with something sold locally so you can return or popular in your country and the US so you can resell it if you don't like it. There are several threads around with long lists of reviewed IEMs to use a reference. Keep in mind everyone has their tastes and you have to consider that when you read their opinion. For example, Joker over on headfi doesn't love bass like I do so when he says something is too bass heavy but doesn't bleed into the rest of the sound signature I know I will love it. If he says it has just the right amount of bass I wont be thrilled by it for all my music. If he says it is bass light but very detailed I know I will hate it, regardless of his ratings. I bought a couple of cheap sets from Joker, ClieOS, and DFKT's list and compared my impressions to theirs and used that as a baseline. There are plenty of sets on all those lists so it doesn't cost a fortune to do. But like I said...this is a hobby for me, you may not want to do all of that.
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