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The members here are the ones that are amazing, it's just stuff I've picked up hanging out here. Plus I've broken my toys often enough to have figured out how to fix them.

If you haven't locked into MediaMonkey I'd like to suggest you take a look at MusicBee. As you've noticed MM can't directly access the nodes of an MTP environment. It also won't work with files once they've been placed on a DAP in MSC.

Topping that off if you have AAC files the free version of MM is limited in what it can do with them. It will tag, organize, make playlists and sync them but it can't play them. You need the paid version for that. I also believe you need QuickTime installed for MediaMonkey AAC playback. I'm not sure about the QuickTime requirement. I know the free version prompts me to install it but the paid version may not need it.

MusicBee does just about everything MediaMonkey does and a lot more. Like MediaMonkey it won't do anything you don't specifically direct to your files so I believe it safe to use the same file location your files are now as your library. If you're doing it right you have those safely back up somewhere anyway. Right?

You said your files might be mp4? MusicBee treats those a video files. If you rename those to .m4a it treats them as music files and things are really simple after that. There's bulk renamers that can do that easily if needed.

After it scans your files and you set your preferences moving files onto and off the player can be done with simple drag and drop. You drag your files from the library to the player and they are transferred to the player. You can create playlists including files from both the player and the library and if the files aren't on the player they get added to complete the playlist.

I don't ordinarily transcode lossy files but if you care to you can setup to auto-convert the files to your preference. Once MB knows your preference whenever you move a file of any type to the player it automatically gets converted to the type you've specified. That's a feature only in the paid version of MM.

There's a lot more that MusicBee can do that what I can type in here. It's freeware (donations accepted!) and has a portable version. A portable installation doesn't give you the Windows folders context menu options but that's the only feature I've found to be different from a full installation.

I've recommended MediaMonkey a lot of times in the past. It's really good software and I won't have problem recommending it again. It's just after experiencing MusicBee I've found that it suits my needs better. I believe the additional features MusicBee has makes it worth looking into.
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