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Sorry if I am reviving an old thread... but if you're still looking, here's a somewhat odd possibility:
Do you know the Koss PRO DJ100? They have decent isolation, the cups swivel 180 degrees, and also have a toggle switch on the right cup to turn stereo signal into mono (apparently for DJing purposes so you can listen with just one ear).

The earpads for the Brainwavz HM5 (Fischer FA-003 clone) can actually fit onto them, and you end up with what you see here, post #667.
The FA-003/HM5 are one of the largest headphones I've seen, and the DJ100 seems to be what you may want except for the stock earpad size.

I've personally bought a used DJ100 for $50, and the earpads can be bought for $8.50 per side (you'll need 2) here.

Note that there is also the Koss TBSE1, which is basically the same headphone with a Tony Bennett signature, removable cables, and a carry case; I'm not sure what kind of prices either the DJ100 or the TBSE1 go for nowadays, but the extra features on the TBSE1 may be worth it if the price difference isn't too big.

And REALLY, the earpads can be bought and applied to any headphones as long as it fits; I just mention it with the DJ100 as that is a combo that I just happened to know definitely fits.
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