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Default Black Levels in Video

So apparently that bug with the D3 in which black levels of videos appeared grey was never actually fixed...on the next device. Seriously?! I can't believe this hasn't been addressed by now, especially on the "new and improved" product: the Z2. It's actually very annoying, considering the screen's potential with AMOLED true black. I really wish Cowon had improved the type of display too, PenTile is horrible and causes all sorts of screen artifacts. When I received the device, the screen artifacts and the skewed black levels (as well as that color-banding problem also present in the D3) were among the first and worst things I noticed. I hope their next device has an RGB display and their next firmware is corrected!
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Wow, that's bad news. So far I heard they fixed the messed up contrast on the Z2, too bad if that was wrong info.

Maybe the Z2 is powerful enough for software decoding, which should fix that mess (at the cost of battery life of course). MX Player's "S/W Fast" mode is rather efficient though, maybe give that one a try.
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MX Player was just about the only thing that worked for software decoding (No gray-purple blacks!). Even then, HD videos would sometimes lag. There simply is not enough processing power (either that or its a problem with the firmware) for the device to render video and games smoothly/ flawlessly. Maybe that outdated A8 processor is to blame? 1Ghz Cortex and 512MB RAM isn't bad at all, but it still seems like there is lag. Also, the touchscreen is a fingerprint magnet and proves less responsive with even mildly sweaty hands. That PenTile display is nauseating: color is broken up especially along vertical lines and white edges. It's heartbreaking that such a high-resolution display had to be ruined :/
Even scrolling the music library seems to be a chore for the device: there are noticeable delays of over 3 seconds in scrolling the music menu for displaying things like album art. Some games like temple run take longer to load and sometimes lag as well. Still, it wasn't really meant for gaming and high quality streaming: its all about the sound (which IS excellent by the way). I actually find that stand useful, and the full white color looks nice. Overall the Z2 is still an improvement over the D3, but its got quirks too.

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I got me a Z2 to replace my Iriver Spinn.
I love the Spinn for watching video.
But recent formats (MP4,MKV) will not play on it without converting to avi.
Hence the decision for getting a new player.
It had to be one with an oled display, the Z2 is one of the few equiped with it.
Now for the video quality: mixed feelings.
Deep black is missing, but when watching in well lit places its ok.
When viewing in dim lit places you notice the whashed out look.
I will have to try some other player apk's to verify.
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