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Old 10-28-2012, 03:51 PM
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To be fair, I've seen RMAA test results for the iBasso, ColorFly and the sflo2 and they seem to be putting out a clean signal. They don't seem to have the high impedance or rolloff problems some of the other boutique players have. The problem is they don't do anything a Clip+ and a Fiio E6 amp can't. They have more powerful amps so the signal is louder but it isn't better.

Considering the sflo2 is no longer available and the cost of the others that don't sound any better the J3 would be the way to go, if you can find one. They seemed to just vanish right after they were discontinued. There's one listed in the Classifieds here No idea the current status on that but you may want to look into that one if it's still available.
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