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Hi, I just installed Rockbox for the first time on H320. The installer utility did not work. The manual install instructions in the H320 manual Did work.

For manual installation:

You need the main program
You need the FWpatcher.exe

If it doesn't work, then you are doing something to a file on your player that you should be doing to the same file while it is still on your PC and then you drag the patched version over to the player.
You do not need the installer utility

I used the manual install instructiions from this document:

The .Hex file that you modify will on your PC when you modify it (it will not be on the H320/H349 player). Then you drag into into the .rockbox folder on your H320/H340.

As you know to boot into the old UI hold down the top right button while you hold down the top left button. Just hold the top left button to boot into the Rockbox UI.

It took me a couple times even using the manual method to get it right, because the instructions were not clear and could be interpreted different ways, namely they did not give the name of the file they were talking about they just said 'bootloader' or 'patcher instead of the actual name of the file.

EDIT: In other words while Rockbox is easy to install, the instructions on the Rockbox website are not written in English, they are written in Geek English, and therefore difficult for an English speaking person to decipher. .

So just try each step in all possible ways that step could possibly be interpreted and eventually you hit the right combination and it installs.

Just be careful not to delete anything from the player folders during these steps.

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