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Originally Posted by saratoga View Post
I think i figured out why the Clip and Fuze players sometimes get stuck at the panic screen and need to wait for the battery to drain to reboot. I've committed a fix, but I have no way to test it, so if anyone gets stuck unable to reboot with a build from today onward, please let me know.
Longtime Clip+ rockbox user, new Clip Zip RB user, just installed tonight via the latest build. First time I plugged in USB to the PC, got the usual driver failure that I see with the first Clip + connect. When disconnecting the cable to reboot and try again, I now get "Undefined instru" on the first line, and "pc:30800000 sp:3" on the second line. IS this the panic screen, or something else? I can't seem to get it to reset at all; assuming I'm going to have to wait for the battery to die now.
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