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Originally Posted by Tapeworm View Post
Maybe the different sound you hear is due to listening through different head/earphones? Are you suing the ones that come with the Clip+. While some actually prefer these, they are generally in the minority. Most people upgrade to better ones.
Yes I have used the ones which came with clip as well as galaxy s3's earphones that I borrowed from my brother,I may buy better ones later.I the same headphones on clip and s2 to compare sound.

I see,well I guess it comes down to me not being used to the sound of clip.It will get better will time,Thanks for your help.

Originally Posted by Enigmatic View Post
The Clip+ does indeed have excellent sound quality.
Please lower the rightmost band of the equalizer.When the Clip+ís equalizer is turned off, the Clip+ should sound neutral. Which headphones are you using? Are you comparing the sound quality with the same headphones, same volume, same files, and with no signal processing?
Yup using the exact same earphones and music files....and thanks reducing the right most band a lil did take away the strong S's ,thanks.

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