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Originally Posted by ThePrestige View Post
I was very pleased and happy with both but s2 was just better,better than anything I have ever listened to and when I read all the reviews about the clip I thought it would as good as the s2 if not better and it.
The Clip+ does indeed have excellent sound quality.
The "Normal" mode on the clip sounds a bit too trebly to me like you know the S's comes out very strongly.
Please lower the rightmost band of the equalizer.
I dont know the terms audiophiles use because I am just new to all this but I am growing very fond of nice sound quality and want that that s2 sound on my clip,sorry if it sounds stupid maybe the clip is meant to sound like that and is an ok thing for other people maybe I am not used to it but I will really appreciate it of some one helped me with the 5 band equaliser so that the s2 kinda sound(well balanced,clear not too bright just alright kind of) can be acheived.
When the Clip+ís equalizer is turned off, the Clip+ should sound neutral. Which headphones are you using? Are you comparing the sound quality with the same headphones, same volume, same files, and with no signal processing?
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