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Originally Posted by globiboulga View Post
I'm waiting for the 64GB. I would have gone for a 32GB if it has a card slot. But to your point, Walkgood, one of the reason I am getting a F series is exactly because of this: I don't believe dedicated players have long to live, unless they are the inexpensive kind to use when you're out and about jogging (i.e. where you don't want to destroy your phone).

What surprises me most with Sony though is that they have not release a dedicated 7" Android tablet dedicared to media consumption - like the galaxy 7.7 of the Nexus tablet; leveraging their know how in the audio / video space. I fear if they do, they would not integrate the amp technology. After all it's not in their 9" version...

Although Samsung are all over the place, I think they have the right attitude here, since at least they are capable of testing the market appropriately. I'd be all over a 7" high capacity tablet with decent sound capabilities.
man if they could make a tablet that would play all my purchased videos work on ps3 as well as make my ps3 controller sync to a tablet easily and play all those downloadable games i would buy one instantly. would be great to throw in my backpack put up a stand and play some real games on the plane. i do have a vita though
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