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Originally Posted by Frandroid View Post
Sounds like a grounding issue, static energy is interfering with the player's circuit. Maybe dust or other impurities have gathered somewhere, making "a bridge", that is, shorting the circuit somewhere.

I would:

1. Operate the device while holding a plumbing pipe in the kitchen or bathroom, or other metal surfice that might work as grouding
2. Open and give it a nice cleaning with a brush and maybe some electronic cleaning spray.
Thanks. That was my first thought. Since it is clearly a circuit path problem, I thought I would open it up and first look for any cold solder joints, then corrosion on anything, and then just clean it up and spray it down (including all the physical switches with DeOxit.

I'll play with it in the next couple of days and report if it improves. If not, I might have an X5L for sale as a parts unit.

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